C-Suite Memo

From: The Desk of the CEO

Dear Friends,

With the tremendous progress we’re making here at TOMI, I think it makes sense for us to begin periodically reaching out to our investors and supporters to provide firsthand updates on our business, the important trends we are seeing, and our insights and observations related to the health and safety industry.

As many of you know, for many years we have dedicated our technological and financial resources to developing and bringing to market “gold standard” solutions for disinfection and  decontamination.  And in 2020, the global Covid-19 pandemic clearly accelerated and deepened our commitment to providing safe, best-in-class products and technology globally and drove significantly heightened interest in our offerings from a wide variety of industries.  While the delivery of vaccines is expected to move us a little closer to a “normal” environment, vaccinations will only take us so far.  We believe that for the foreseeable future, regular, rapid, disinfection and decontamination of public spaces will be an important line of defense against COVID-19, its variants and other highly transmissible viruses and infections. 

We see growing demand ahead for our offerings, bolstered by a disinfectant and decontamination market currently valued at $19 billion and expanding at a CAGR of 6.7%.  More than ever before, individuals, systems and institutions are focused on ensuring that public spaces are clean, safe and fully disinfected to prevent the spread of life-threatening germs. 

To fully capitalize on the opportunities ahead, which include the anticipated launch of our new product line in approximately six weeks, we recently announced the appointment of three senior divisional sales professionals to take the lead driving our growth, closing new business from our growing pipeline and accelerating the new customer onboarding process.  With the appointment of Gary Zamieroski, as Vice President Sales for the Commercial division, Patrick Griffin as Vice President, Sales for Hospital-HealthCare and Kim Larkin, Vice President, Sales for the Food Safety division we are adding three veteran sales executives at a critical time in our development as we introduce an expanded product line including:

  • The SteraPack, a portable, battery operated, decontamination back pack that is simple to use and affordable. It eliminates the use of expensive electronics and will have a custom non-refillable BIT solution bottle to ensure that customer uses only approved TOMI BIT solution. 
  • The Sterabot, which, as the name indicates is a robot that incorporates cutting-edge Automated Guided Vehicle technology for intuitive maneuverability to protect hospital staff, patients and visitors

Also, as we all know, masks have become a huge part of our day-to-day lives and with the appearance of resistant COVID-19 variants, there is an even greater need for high-quality masks and PPE in healthcare settings.  One of our latest and most exciting developments is to use SteraMist technology to decontaminate N95 masks and PPE for use.  We are still awaiting EUA approval, but remain optimistic.  Our technology works very well for this application; for example in a recent study published in results indicated that N95 masks sterilized with SteraMist technology retained filtration up to ten cycles.

We’re excited by the opportunities and interest in our offerings and we look forward to seeing the progress that 2021 brings.

I look forward to continuing to keep you apprised of further developments. 


Dr. Halden Shane


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